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Baise Johnson Chemical Co., Ltd.

—— A Ferrous Sulfate Manufacturer in China with 20+ years experience

Baise Johnson Chemical Co., ltd. is a manufacturer of ferrous sulfate with size of 10667 square metre. Our main products are Ferrous Sulfate Heptahydrate and Ferrous Sulfate Monohydrate.

For many years we are OEM factory that sold our products to trading companies in China. Now, we have our own sales team to sell to overseas directly. We are ISO9001 and EU-REACH certified.

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Why Us?

We are Manufacturer of Ferrous Sulfate

✓ The best possible price from the market since there is no middle man.
✓ Direct information on the production process.
✓ You will get more stable production and your order has higher priority in production to ensure you will get your product in time.

Catering your needs

✓ Our trained employer will handle all kinds of customization that you need, whether you want to load your products loose or with pallet skid, even customized the packaging bags with your company name and logo on it.
✓ EU REACH Registration: If your country is one of the EU member, well good news, we are EU REACH certified for Ferrous Sulfate, that means we can directly export from our factory in China to your county.
✓ ISO9001 Certified: We are the holder of ISO9001 certification, validity can be checked online anytime.

20+ years of ferrous sulfate manufacturing excellence with quality at it’s best price. The perfect place where you’ll get the perfect supply for all your ferrous sulfate needs.

What Does Ferrous Sulfate Do?

Ferrous sulfate can be used for:

  1. Water treatment caused by non-metal or heavy-metal element pollution such as municipal wastewater, industry wastewater and underground water. In addition, ferrous sulfate also functions well in odor control applications by preventing the formation of hydrogen sulfide.
  2. On the agriculture field, ferrous sulfate can be used as micro fertilizer to prevent crops from Fe deficiency, effectively improve soil, move moss and lichen. Meantime, it is the catalyst making plant green and plant absorption.
  3. Ferrous Sulfate can be used to remove Hexavalent chromium. It can be used as reducing agent to decrease chromate in cement. In the process of cement production, 900 ppm of ferrous sulfate can make hexavalent chromium (Cr6+) decrease to 2 ppm.
  4. On the Industrial field, ferrous sulfate can be used to make pigment such as Ferric Oxide series products, or used as a mordant in dyeing wool, in the manufacture of ink.
  5. Ferrous sulfate also can be used as feed additive to cure animals’ ferrous deficiency, and stimulate the growth of animal’s body.

We are certified with ISO9001 and EU-REACH.